Friday, July 31, 2009

Silly Shots: Character Cutouts

Photo by Virginia Rother

Tucked away in the back of the Town Square Exposition Center located on Main St. U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom is an often-forgotten area where you can watch some classic cartoons or become a part of the scene with some pretty nifty character cutouts! You can help steer the steamboat with Mickey, star in the 101 Dalmatians' favorite cartoon, dance with the Seven Dwarfs, or avoid the claw with some little green aliens! This area is also great for a little break since it tends to be fairly quite from the lack of crowds. This is especially nice if you have a little one that wants to crawl around.

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The 999th Ghost said...

There is also a great spot at Hollywood Studios with cut outs as well. At Hollywood studios the cut out area is near the Mickey Mouse character spot and reflect the current movie being pushed by the studio.

April said...

The HS one is great too! We are going to feature that one later in the year.

Impy the Painter said...

Hello there! Found you via facebook. Current Cast Member at Disney's Hollywood Studios and lifetime Disney fan who is still very, very new to the parks. I like the tone of your blog and your posts so far, they help me understand the parents and their children a little bit better when I come home from working at Pizza Planet in a bad mood from the surging crowds and loud noises. Plan to keep following for tips and advice I can share with Guests and also with myself!

Elizabeth said...

Hi, Dorm Rat! Thanks for jumping on board with us and for the kind words. We're interactive, so when you see a parent/child behavior at work you wonder about, want to vent about, or think could help others, drop us a line with the story! elizabeth at takethemonorail dot com! (You can also drop us a note on Facebook, of course.)

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