Friday, July 24, 2009

Silly Shots: Singin' in the Studios

As we stated in our welcome, every Friday we will be featuring a Silly Shot photo. This feature will give you some locations and/or props around the Walt Disney World resort where you can create and capture some unique memories. The shots can lead to some funny moments and really add some laughs to your vacation memories! For our first shot we are going to head over to Hollywood Studios for my favorite photo op!

The Singin' in the Rain umbrella might be familiar to experienced Disney travelers, but tends to be overlooked by newcomers. It is located on the Streets of America and is just another little touch that lets you be a part of a movie! When properly working, it even has a little magic of its own, so watch out!

Have any photos of you and your family Singin' in the Studios? Share with us on Scrapping the Magic or post them on our Facebook page! Or have an idea for a location to be featured as a Silly Shot? Email your photo to and we might just use it in a future post!


The 999th Ghost said...

That's a great spot and what's better is the crowds are usually light around there so you can get great pictures without constantly waiting for people to move out of the way!

Unknown said...

I've been to Disney's Hollywood Studios a lot and still haven't done this photo opportunity.

jen said...

I want to look for this one in September--don't let me forget to get a picture taken here!

Greg said...

Grumpwurst, neither have I - wanted to though. I am big fan of having my photo, or taking a photo of a family member posed beside a Kodak Photo Spot sign. Haven't done enough of those lately.

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