Sunday, October 11, 2009

Disney Pin Frames

Have you ever been at Disney and bought a few of the fabulous pins they were selling only to find yourself wondering what to do with them when you got home? If so, this is just the project for you! A Disney Pin Frame!

Pin frames are super quick & easy and are a great way to showcase some mementos of your vacation! They are also great for kids because they encourage a hobby and a way to relive their trip. In a future post we will talk all about pin collection and trading if you are not familiar with it, but for now we will just show you how to make the frames.


- 12 x 12 Scrapbook Frame - These can be purchased at any craft store and come in two styles, standard frame or shadow box. I prefer to use the standard style, but either one will work. The only difference in the two is in most cases you would remove the glass from the standard style if you have really thick pins. I prefer to leave the glass off regardless of pin thickness to make it easier to add new pins when I get them. Some stores will carry frames that say Record/LP & Scrapbook frame, but you want to avoid using them because they are larger than 12 x 12.
- 12 x 12 Cork Tile- The cork tiles come in a 4-pack and can be found at most retailers that stock cork bulletin boards. I get my tiles at Target because they tend to be a bit cheaper than the craft stores.
- 12 x 12 Sheet of Scrapbook Paper - Here is where the project gets fun! There are thousands and thousands of choices on the market when it comes to scrapbook paper... solid, patterned, texture, you name it they make it. The one tip I would suggest is to pick a paper that is fairly simple in pattern or in a more muted color palette to avoid the pins getting lost in the background. This helps you to customize your project. For me, I only collect Stitch pins, so I went with a nice tropical background to fit my theme. The only limit you will have is the stock your local craft or scrapbook store carries. For a wider variety you could always try MouseMemories, an online store that specializes in Disney and vacation supplies. They will be more expensive than your local store, but if you really want a custom background they may be the better option.

  1. Place the paper on top of the cork title. The paper will be a little bit larger than the title, so make sure you have it centered.
  2. Remove the backs from the pins. I do recommend saving these in case you ever want to remove the pin to wear at a later date.
  3. Push the pins through the paper into the cork title. Make sure you have the pin in the correct place because once you push it through the paper it will leave holes.
  4. Place the paper and tile into the frame, put the back on the frame and you are finished! If you notice the pins are pushing oddly on the glass, it's best to remove the glass for a cleaner look and to avoid the glass cracking from the pressure.
Now, if you don't want to get fancy with a pin frame or if you have pins that you want to display but also wear, another options is to get a standard cork bulletin board and place your pins on that. With nothing covering the board you can easily take pins off to wear and put them back on the board when your trip is over without leaving holes in the paper.

To see other examples of Disney Pin Frames or to share your own, please visit our thread on Scrapping the Magic! We look forward to seeing what you come up with!


TeachLuvsDisney said...

Love, love, love this idea! I'm absolutely doing this! Right now I just have my pins on a regular 'ole BORING bulletin board. This is now on my crafting "To Do" list.....of course, it's already a mile long!!! Oh well, I'll never be bored!!!

Thanks for sharing this! Love this blog!

Shawn said...

This is a great idea. My kids seem to lose their pins when we get home.

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