Friday, September 4, 2009

Spot the Shot: Road Trip!

It's time for another Spot the Shot! This photo was sent in by Ryan Wilson of the Main Street Gazette. Here his lovely wife Aileen is just waiting to leave on another great road trip!

Where in Walt Disney World is this jeep just waiting to leave on a new adventure? Leave your answer as a comment!

Do you have a photo of you and your family hanging out on the jeep? Post them on Scrapping the Magic or on our Facebook page page!


disneynorth said...

Now, I might be wrong on this one, as I really haven't been through this area much but.... Is it in The Boneyard at Animal Kingdom?

Gator Chris said...

I think disneynorth nailed it.

Karen from MA said...

Definitely The Boneyard! :-)

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