Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vacation Saving Jars

Welcome to our first Crafting Some Magic post! This month we have a super easy and super fun project that you can do with your kids... Vacation Savings Jars!

Savings Jars are a great way to encourage kids to save their pennies for a rainy day, not that getting them to save for Disney trips should be very hard! These jars are very simple to make and with so many supply choices out there the design possibilities are endless!

- Clean glass or plastic jar - I like to use Balls Smooth Mason jars because they are, well smooth all the way around and the mason jar style allows for the top to be open so there is no cutting for a way to deposit money.

- Strong adhesive - Permanent glue dots work really well on the jars

- Assortment of paper, stickers, ribbon or rub-ons - I recommend avoiding any stickers that are 3-D, puffy, or too large as they are hard to work with on a curved surface.

Have fun decorating! Use as much or as little decoration as you'd like and let your kids run the show! Consider having a jar for each person in the family so you can be a good role model.

After you finish your creation, show us your work on our Facebook page or on Scrapping the Magic!


Unknown said...

Very nice!

Can I order an Imaginerding one? ;)

Zanna said...

Those are really cool! I was wondering about your jars when you mentioned going through airport security with them and I just found them on DisMarks. :D Love them!

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